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Question: How has The Lord worked through you this year 2013 ?

Acts 21
17 And when we had come to Jerusalem,
the brethren received us gladly.

18 On the following day
Paul went in with us to James,
and all the elders were present.

19 When he had greeted them,
he told
in detail those things
which God had done
among the Gentiles
through his ministry.

20 And when they heard it,
they glorified the Lord…

Paul and his companions finally arrived in Jerusalem. This ended Paul’s third missionary journey. At this meeting, Paul and the gentile church representatives may have given James the gentile offering that they were collecting. Paul reported what The Lord had done through him in ministering to the Gentiles since his last report.

As I write this, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Paul giving his report to James made me think about what God has accomplished through me this year. My report certainly is not as adventurous as Paul’s, but I thank God for working through me this past year. I certainly do not list it to brag, but only to report how The Lord worked in me this year. It will also provide a record to look back on in my future.

My Global Media outreach computer report says I’m now up to an all time number of 1393 people contacted with 1098 replies received. Toward the end of the year, my GMO community leader, David, also put me over a group of six new online missionaries. All six have been great checking their emails, and they are all mature Christians giving excellent answers to their contacts. If you are interested in answering Bible questions and praying for others via email, then please look into this great ministry. You will receive one or two emails every day. Over time you can reach hundreds of people all around the world.

Residential Center
This year at the county court youth residential center, I was blessed to serve for about 45 sessions of Bible study and beginner guitar for the residents.
Mike and Julie, missionaries to Ghana, graciously accepted my invitation to give their presentation of their one year trip to the residents at the center. Our women’s group at my job was also gracious to host the girls from the residential center for a job shadowing day. How about you? Are you involved in any youth or jail ministries? Make a comment below.

This wordpress blog shows I posted 65 posts with 2091 views. I started blogging around mid year. Before opening my WordPress account, I was writing on FB. This blog has been very useful to my personal Bible study time. Reading the Bible is one thing, but writing about it for all the world to see has been very challenging. It has been a great experience to study the scriptures and then to write applications verse by verse. I wish I had started this years ago.

I was blessed to finally publish my Bible Summary on Amazon a few days ago. I wrote this summary for a co-worker last Christmas break, but I finally published it on the Kindle store during this Christmas break.
If you have a Christian e-book, post the link below.

I was most pleased to continue to lead guitar songs throughout the year at our house church. I added a few new songs to our church Hymn book. Mike and Julie also gave their Africa presentation at our house church. I really enjoyed a few nights this summer going door to door with Donnie inviting others to church. Also enjoyed spending many Wednesdays with Donnie studying the book, The Resolution for Men.
How are you involved at church? Comment below.

Family Devotions
Toward the end of the year, The Lord inspired me to start up our family devotions again. Jim Ellif’s article on the three S’s of family devotion was the catalyst to start them again. The three S’s he stated are as follows: song, scripture, and supplication. http://www.ccwtoday.org/article/the-heart-of-family-reformation/
What is your family devotion practice? Comment below.

The Lord also inspired me to give. I enjoyed being able to give a little to church, India missions, Global Media Outreach, and Samaritan’s purse.
Where are you investing in the Kingdom ? Please comment below.

Toward the end of the year, we were also on the receiving end of ministry. My wife’s Myelogram landed her in the hospital, and our house church rallied around us with prayer, visits, gifts, meals, and a walker delivered to our house the night I was bringing my wife home from the hospital. I had never seen that much love displayed from a church. It still amazes me, and I am very grateful. Do you have a similar story, please comment below?

Again, I don’t list these things to be bragging, but only to give a report as Paul gave to James. At the end of this passage, after James and the Elders heard all of what Paul reported, they glorified God. I also glorify God for my report. For I know it was The Lord inspiring me and causing me to work for Him this year.

God bless, and Happy New Year!


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