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All, I have been sick this weekend, but this gave me an opportunity to listen to these excellent audios from Steve Atkerson regarding the difference between Covenant Theology, New Covenant Theology, and Dispensational Theology. No matter your viewpoint, Steve does a great job of describing and comparing the three systems. Steve does hold to the New Covenant Theology view.

In my Christian walk, this has all been pretty new information to me. I do read the reformers who Steve says hold to Covenant Theology. Therefore, these sermons are helpful to understand the theological systems when reading their materials. It is also interesting to understand why certain churches do things that others do not, for example, infant baptism instead of believers baptism, priests class instead of priesthood of all believers, or considering their place of worship a sanctuary instead of the people being the building of God.

The study of Theology is very interesting to me. Theology is beneficial to help understand Christianity around me and to motivate me to dig deeper into the Bible.

Below are some interesting areas of Theology to study.

Creation Interpretation
Old earth or New earth creationism

Predestination/God’s sovereignty interpretation:
Arminianism or Calvinism

Christian’s Interpretation of Moses’ Law, Israel, and the Law of Christ:
Covenant Theology, New Covenant Theology, or Dispensational Theology

End Times interpretation:
Amillennial and Pre-millennialism and others

Enjoy these 5 audios below regarding Covenant Theology, New Covenant Theology, and Dispensational Theology by Steve Atkerson. If the links below ask you to open in the Sermon Audio app, then click cancel, and it will take you to the web browser version at SermonAudio.com. Enjoy!

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God bless. Bob.