Give time
Be gentle
Be patient
Be humble
Be faithful
Cherish more
Give Freedom

Learn Romance

Stay Connected

Unconditional love
Give Encouragement
Turn the other cheek
Let God do the discipline
Put yourself in their shoes
Express your hurt as feelings
Have pity not bitterness for sin
Return a blessing for their cursing
Overcome an offense with an act of kindness.
Marriage is the most important relationship on earth: more important than kids, job, providing for the future, even more important than the family budget. Don’t take each other for granted: Spend the time, be interested, go on dates, go on vacations, buy gifts, write notes. Don’t obsess for anything or anyone on this earth more than your spouse. Selfish ambition is the beginning of the end. Can you make your dreams compatible.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of a lasting marriage, but following these things will allow you to grow into the image of Christ.

God bless, Bob