Colossians 1:3-4

3 We always give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you,

4 since we heard about your faith in Christ Jesus and the love that you have for all the saints.


Listening prayer method

Are we always thankful for the saints?

3 We always give thanks to God (moved the appositive below) when we pray for you,

We – Paul and Timothy 

Give Thanks


Prayer – communion with God

You – the Colossians

Bob, are you thankful to me for what I am doing in other’s lives?  To me, your God, the creator. And not only what I’m doing in other’s lives and your own life, but are you always thankful for all things?  Even the air you are breathing is supplied by me. Are you thankful to me – always?  Remember, I am sustaining all things hour by hour. I hold it all in my hand. Give me thanks, not because I need it, but because you need to do it. Glorify me – this is your purpose in my creation. 

Are you praying for the people I am working within?  The people who I’ve put you into contact.  Do you think they are near you by chance?  Do you think You hear about your distant brothers by chance?  No, even words from afar came to you so that you would pray and give thanks. 

Do we trust our Father?

the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Father – authority, provider, protector, creator, dad

Lord – master

Jesus – helper, Savior

Christ – the anointed one from everlasting

Bob, thank me as your Father, and the Father of your brothers and sisters in Christ. You all are family. I’ve promised to provide for you what you need. I’ve promised to protect you all. If it seems that I don’t in one area, then look at the other areas where I am. Even if you were tested like Job, there is a greater reason for it. I know you can’t figure it out, but trust me, I’m your Father. 

You know my Son. How much He loved you by helping you by dying for you. I’m his Father, I sent Him, trust me too. 

Do we love the saints?

4 since we heard about your faith in Christ Jesus and the love that you have for all the saints.

Faith – trust

Love – feelings, commitment 

Saints – those set apart for Him

Bob, thank me for your set apart friends because of their faith. Do you think their faith was from themselves?  No, I even provide faith to my saints and to you.

I know you love them. Continue to show them more love by giving, helping, thinking, talking, writing, and praying for them. 

Now come pray, and then go and do.