Colossians 2 verse 11

11 In him you also were circumcised – not, however, with a circumcision performed by human hands, but by the removal of the fleshly body, that is, through the circumcision done by Christ.


Key words and phrases:

In him – meaning in Christ 

You – meaning the Colossians

Circumcision – the jewish ceremony of removing the foreskin from the male reproductive member from all jewish males as a sign to show they are set apart to The God Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob. 

Not with a circumcision made by hands – meaning a spiritual circumcision is intended not the physical circumcision of the Jews required in Moses’ law

But removal of the fleshly body – meaning the removal of our corrupted nature in our standing before God

This is a difficult phrase. It cannot mean our actual physical body, therefore, …

1. It is God’s work to remove our corrupt-sinful (fleshly) nature from being charged against us. In his sight, our sinful nature has been removed, and it is as far away as the East is from the West;

 2. Our conscience is now clear. We may stand before Him righteous because in Christ our sinfulness has been cut away. 

3. Yet this may also speak to our repentance. When our corrupt nature was cut away, and our hearts desire is now toward God and against sin. 

4. Yet we still sin. How can this be if it was removed?  Though perfect before God, and though our hearts desire is toward God by the separating of the sinful nature from our hearts, yet either the corrupt nature is still with us or the left over effects of our sinful nature still influence our soul to tempt us to sin. 

Through the circumcision done by Christ – meaning this work was done by the divine and not by man. 


Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.


Have you been Circumcised?


Through my Son you have received divine surgery. Your corrupt nature has been cut away. When I see you, I no longer see your wickedness, but I see the righteousness of my Son. 

The devil will condemn you with guilt of your sin, but don’t allow your conscience to be condemned in my presence because you are clean through Christ. 

Do you remember that day when your currupt nature was severed from your heart?  Before, you served sin naturally while never giving it another thought. But then, you received the divine surgery. Sin was separated from your heart and you repented.  Your desire changed from craving sin to craving Me. 

I know you don’t understand the reasons why you still sin if that fleshy body has been cut off. You may be thinking that the corruption no longer lives in the inner man but only in the outer man, meaning your flesh and bones. Or maybe you think the corruption has been removed from your entire being, but there is still a residual effect left over like the twitching of an animal that has just died. 

You may never know how it works in this life. Just trust My word that when I see you, I see only the righteousness of My Son. Also know that you no longer are in bondage to sin. You now have a choice to serve sin or serve Me. Therefore, mortify the deeds of the body and put to death your members upon the earth. Count yourself to be dead to the power of sin but alive to Me!