Colossians 2:12

12 Having been buried with him in baptism, you also have been raised with him through your faith in the power of God who raised him from the dead.


Key words and phrases:

Having been buried with him in baptism – meaning we are in Christ by a spiritual baptism which our water baptism symbolizes, and Christ was our represtative to die and be buried for our sin.  In Him we died.  Therefore, in God’s eyes, the old man is dead and buried.  In God’s view of Justice it has already happened, but practically for us, we will finally be free from sin at the death of our physical bodies. 

You also – meaning the Colossians

Have been raised with him – meaning that Christ arose and he represents all those who are in him. Therefore, in God’s eyes, we have been raised new and alive. 

Through your faith in the power of God – meaning we trust that in God’s eyes our sinful man is dead and that in God’s eyes our new-whole man is living in His sight uncondemned.  All of this was possible because of His great power to raise our represtative, Christ, from the dead who suffered for our sins. 

Who raised him from the dead – meaning God raised Christ from the dead. 


Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.


Have you been Baptized into Christ?


When I see you, I don’t see your sin nature any longer. You are in My Son by faith in my mighty power. When My son died on the cross, all who are spiritually immersed in Christ have died with Him and were buried with Him. That old-sinful man is dead in my sight. 

But those immersed in my Son were also raised anew with Him when I powerfully raised Him from the dead to have victory over sin and death. 

Remember your water baptism. It symbolized this death and burial by going under the water and this resurrection by coming out of the water.  Water baptism symbolizes your justification and your sanctification. 

Though you still struggle with that sin nature, remember that I see you as pure and new. One day, at the death of your body, you will finally realize fully what i already see. 

Keep yielding to the new man and keep resisting the old man. Don’t let satan condemn your conscience, for you are new in My eyes because of My Son’s work and My work.