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Colossians 4 verses 5 to 6

5 Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunities.

6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer everyone.



Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders – meaning the Colossian Christians should 

A) conduct- means to behave themselves with…

B) wisdom – means knowledge, intelligence, skill, and sophistication (Sophia is the Greek word translated wisdom) 

C) toward outsiders, meaning, those outside of the church.

making the most of the opportunities – meaning the believer should make the best use of their time when they are together with outsiders.

Discussion Questions:  

Where are specific places we deal with outsiders?

What are examples of wise vs unwise ways to behave around outsiders?

List some near future events where you will be around outsiders?

How can believers become more wise when dealing with outsiders?

Let your speech always be gracious – meaning the 

A) speech, the Greek word is logos, and means something that is said…

B)  always – means at all times with…

C)  be gracious – meaning with goodwill of all that hear, especially toward those that are outside the church. 
John Gill says, …”when they (believers) do speak, it should be both graceful things, and in a graceful manner”. 

Discussion Questions:  

Who comes to your mind that talks in this way?  

Provide an example of someone or a group who has the right words  but speak with the wrong attitude?

Provide an example of someone or a group that Has the right attitude but with the wrong message or without a message at all?

seasoned with salt – meaning what we say should be 
A) seasoned – means to prepare or spice with stimulating condiments, especially with…

B) salt – meaning the ingredient that both preserves and gives flavor.  

When someone finishes talking to you, they should have a ‘good taste in their mouth’.  
John Gill says, “grace being that to speech, as salt is to meat”.

How can we prepare ourselves to have the right attitude and the right message?

so that you may know how you should answer everyone – 

A) so is a conjunction connecting this phrase to the last

B) you – means the Colossians 

C) may know how you should  – meaning Paul provides the reason for this teaching so the Colossians will know how to 

D) answer – means how to respond  to…

D) Everyone – those inside the church should respond in the same gracious way to everyone, meaning, those inside and outside the church. 

Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.


Are We Leaving a Good Taste in Their Mouth?


Be wise with your words toward all – especially be wise toward those outside My church. Don’t come across judgmental, but instead be humble. For you are also a sinner saved only by My grace. But at the same time be clear toward them, that you are not accepting or approving of sin. For a person to receive forgiveness of their sins through My Son, first they must be aware of their offensive sins toward Me, their Creator, and be willing to repent and forsake those sins. Yes all will continue to fail, but they must continue to have an attitude of repentance and continue to trust in My forgiveness for their sins which is only possible because of My Son receiving the wrath of their everlasting-death-penalty in their place on the cross.  
Make the most of your time when you are with outsiders. Don’t ignore sharing with them the Gospel of My Son. Your life may be the only Bible that they have ever read. 

When you leave your time with outsiders and they think and reflect about you, your humble attitude and gracious words of truth from your mouth should leave a savory taste in their mouth. 

At that point along with your continued prayers, you did your part as a humble ambassador of Christ, and now the Holy Spirit will do My part in their heart: spiritual birth, conviction of sin, granting of repentance, and the gift of faith in My Son.