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Colossians 4 Verse 11

Colossians 4:11 (NET) 11 And Jesus who is called Justus also sends greetings. In terms of Jewish converts, these are the only fellow workers for the kingdom of God, and they have been a comfort to me.


And Jesus who is called Justus- the name Jesus was his birth name and was a common Jewish name meaning God Saves. 

The name Justus was a surname that meant fairness and righteous.

A surname was a name given him later by others based on his circumstance, character, or desired character quality.

Today a surname is name shared by a family. Or it can be a name chosen by the person so others can pronounce their name easier. 

This Jesus Justus was not the the same as Joseph-Barsabas-Justice mentioned in Acts 1 because The birth names of Joseph and Jesus are significantly different Jewish names. 

Nor is this the Titius Justus in Corinth named in Acts 18 because there is evidence that he was a Gentile while Jesus Justus is clearly Jewish.

Discussion Questions: If you were to give nicknames for brothers and sisters in our church based on their circumstances or character, what names would you give them? 

What nickname would they call you or would you call yourself?

If we were to give a nickname to our children based on a circumstance, character quality, or desired character quality what would it be?
also sends greetings – meaning Jesus Justus was also with Paul at the time of this writing and sends along is greeting to the fellow believers at Colossi.

In terms of Jewish converts – meaning Aristarchus, John Mark, and Jesus Justus were Jews who converted to be Christians. 

Convert means they changed from believing and practicing their Jewish religion to believing and practicing a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Grammatically Tychicus and Onesimus could also be considered Jewish, but most commentaries  believe those two were Gentiles and only these last three were Jewish.

Discussion Question: Do you remember a time when you were converted or changed to begin believing and practicing a relationship with Jesus? If so, please share your conversion story.

these are the only fellow workers – meaning these three men, Aristarchus, John Mark, and Jesus Justus, were the only Jewish fellow workers with Paul at the time of this writing.

Discussion Question: Name those that you would count as a fellow worker in your ministry?

for the kingdom of God – meaning the spiritual kingdom that is within believers.

and they have been a comfort to me – meaning these three converted Jews came along side and comforted/encouraged/strengthened Paul.

Discussion Question: Have you ever been in a struggle, an event, or in a foreign country where you were alone, but then you found someone with your same struggle, background, beliefs, or culture? If so, how did that comfort you?

Discussion Question: How can we comfort others? How can we comfort our spiritual leaders?


Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.

Are you a Converted Comforter?


Continue to work and grow your commitment with others to serve together for my Kingdom. Sometimes your service can be to isolated from working with other believers.
Be a comfort to others by listening to them, pray with them and for them, help provide ideas to help them deal with their struggle, and bear one another’s burdens.
And do not ever forget those who have comforted you during the time of your burden: Sarah and Jared, Matt and Laura, Jamie and Brad, Ricardo, Bryan, Myrna, Christopher, and Ellen.