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Titus 2 verses 2

2 Older men are to be temperate, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.



Context: In the last verse, Paul commanded Titus to speak to others of the good behaviors that go with those who follow the healthy teaching of the gospel. Now Paul lists good behaviors for different demographics. The first group listed is older men. 

Older men are to be – the Greek word is presbytēs, the female version of the word is presbytis. Both these words share the same root word that is also shared by the word presbyteros (where we get our English word presbyter), the word used for an Elder in chapter one; the root word being presbus which means elderly. 

temperate – this Greek word has two meanings…

A) sober from wine. Moderation in or abstinence in drinking alcohol. 

B) figuratively means, circumspect, which means to consider all the circumstances. In other words, he thinks things through before speaking or acting rashly. 

Discussion Questions:

1. Alcohol temperance is specifically mentioned for both the older men and older women. Why do you think older people are specifically commanded to be temperate with alcohol?

2. Can you give an example of a man who is circumspect in his words and actions?

3. Can you give an example of a man who is not circumspect in his words and actions?

4. How do men learn to be both temperate in alcohol and circumspect in behavior?

dignified – Greek means that the man behaves…

A) Augustly – having a formal and impressive quality. 

B) honorably – showing honesty, good moral behavior, being fair and proper. 

C) Venerably – valued and respected because of his old age, long use, good character.

Discussion Questions:
1. Provide an example of a man who is dignified. 

2. Provide an example of a man who is not dignified. 

3. Provide detailed examples of behaviors that are dignified?

4. Is it possible to be too dignified? Explain. 

Fun Illustration:

When EF Hutton talks, people listen. 

August Men…

The suites

The haircuts

The gray hair

The restaurant

The voices 

Proper Ladies in a civilized lunch 

Children – why not. 

self-controlled – the same Greek word is used to describe an Elder in chapter 1. 

Greek word means…

A) sound in mind; 

B) moderate in opinion and passion; 

C) curbing ones’s desires and impulses

Other English versions say temperate, sensible, sober, sober minded, discreet, wise. 

In other words, he has good sense and can think clearly about himself and circumstances. He doesn’t get caught up in passions. This is a similar word to temperate. 

sound – Greek word is our word for hygiene. It means to be healthy and whole and applies to the three words that follow: faith, love, endurance. 

A) Healthy – vigor of mind, body, and spirit. Not sick or injured. 

B) Whole – complete or full – not lacking. 

In faith – Greek word, pestes, means..

A) your persuasion – being persuaded in Christ. 

B) your moral conviction of truth – a feeling of being sure of Christ. 

C) reliance upon Christ for salvation – having a need for Christ. 

D) your constancy in such profession – being loyal to Christ. 

(Strong’s Concordance and Webster’s Dictionary). 

Discussion Question:

Why would Paul challenge the older-Cretan men to be healthy and whole in faith?

in love – Greek word is agape and means

A) love – strong and constant affection

B) affection – a liking and caring for others 

C) benevolence – desire to do good to others

Discussion Question:

Why would Paul challenge the older- Cretan men to be healthy and whole in love?

and in endurance – Greek means…

A) steadfastness – firmly fixed in place

B) constancy – unchanging

C) unswerving – not turning aside. 

Discussion Questions:

Paul doesn’t say what the older men were to have endurance in. What do you think he meant to endure in?
Why would Paul challenge the older-Cretan men to be healthy and whole in endurance and not the other people groups mentioned later?

Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.

Are your Gray Hairs a Sign of Dignity or Disgrace?


You have been a Christian for a long time. By now, your gray hairs should be a sign of your dignified character. 

Be more temperate when speaking or acting. Do not be rash; be circumspect; put yourself in the shoes of others; think through how your words and actions will affect others. 

Continue to be moderate with alcohol. Alcohol can snare you. You can become dependent upon it to escape bodily or mental pain. 

Work on being more dignified. In many ways you are too casual, careless, and simple. Be more formal in your dealings with others. First be circumspect, and if something still needs done or said, then address it more formally. However, don’t be so dignified and formal that you become isolated. Continue to love others, especially be kind to children. 
Continue your struggle to be self controlled. The inclinations of rebellion, fulfilling lusts, acting and speaking rashly still hang onto your soul. Yet My Spirit within you is peace, long suffering, gentle, good, and temperate. 

May your faith, love, and endurance grow more healthy and whole. I know you have suffered, yet do not let that fracture your faith. Trust that I have a righteous reason for suffering. Also, continue to love without getting old and bitter. Continue to endure – don’t retreat – don’t give up – keep moving forward and growing in faith, love, knowledge, wisdom, and righteousness.