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Titus 2 verses 6 to 8

6 Encourage younger men likewise to be self-controlled,
7 showing yourself to be an example of good works in every way. In your teaching show integrity, dignity,
8 and a sound message that cannot be criticized, so that any opponent will be at a loss, because he has nothing evil to say about us.

Context: In verse 1, Paul commanded Titus to speak to others of the good behaviors that go with those who follow the healthy teaching of the gospel. Now Paul lists good behaviors specifically for younger men and to Titus specifically.

Encourage –

  • The Greek word is para-kaléō.
  • It means to call one to your side to …
  • exhort – to influence with advice, to strongly urge
  • entreat – to plead, to beg, to ask in a serious and emotional way in order to persuade another
  • comfort- to console, to cause (someone) to feel less worried, upset, frightened
    instruct- to teach.

younger men –

  • The Greek word for younger, neos, is where we get our prefix, neo, which means new, young, or fresh.
  • The Greek word for men is not in the text. However, the preceding context dictates that this portion of the text is referring to young men.

likewise – just as the younger women are to be trained by the older women, so Paul encourages the younger men….

to be self-controlled –

  • This quality was already mentioned for the young ladies and for the Elders in chapter 1.
  • The Greek word sō-phron-é-ō which means…
  • sound in mind; sane;
  • to put a moderate estimate upon one’s self, think of one’s self soberly;
  • curbing ones’s desires and impulses
  • In other words, he has good sense, and he thinks clearly about himself, the circumstances around him, and the people around him. He doesn’t get caught up in passions. He thinks things through before he acts.
  • This word is very similar to the word, temperate.

Discussion Questions:

Why do you think Paul gives this instruction to young men?

In our culture, what specific areas do young men need self control?

In our culture, what are the dangers of a young man not being self controlled?

How can a young man become more self-controlled?

How can other Christians encourage young men to be self-controlled?

showing yourself –

A) showing –

  • Greek is par-ekh’-o.
  • Para was mentioned above and means near or at your side.

Ekh-o means to hold.

  • Thus the word means to hold near.
  • Earlier, encourage meant to call to your side, now showing means to hold near.
  • Other uses of the word par-ekh’-o mean to offer, to present, to exhibit. This translation says to show…

B) yourself –

  • Greek se-au-tü’ means, thyself.
  • Instead of addressing young men, Paul now changes and addresses Titus directly.
  • Therefore, Titus is probably a young man.
  • Titus is told to hold others near to himself …

to be an example –

  • Greek word is týpos pronounced too’-pos.
  • We get our English word type from this word.
  • It means a figure formed by a blow or an impression of a die. Like an old
  • fashion type writer or a metal die and press

Discussion Question:

Can you name a person(s) that made an ‘impression’ on your life when you were younger?

of good works –

A) good –

  • The Greek word is kalos.
  • It means beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable.

B) works –

  • Greek word is er-gon.
  • The word means to work, to toil, to act.

in every way –

  • Greek word is pas.
  • It means all, any, every, the whole.
  • Meaning all kinds of good works in all kinds of situations and in all kinds of ways.

Discussion Questions:

Can you name examples of good works that everyone lifts up as beautiful or admirable?

Can you name some young men who are being good examples by doing good works?

Can you name an excellent work that someone has done in your family or our church?

What holds us back from doing commendable works?

Why do you think Paul challenged Titus directly to be an example of good works?

In your teaching show –

  • Greek word is did-as-ka-lía.
  • The word means instruction or teaching.

integrity –

  • Greek word is a-dia-ph-thoría. The ‘a’ gives the word following the opposite meaning.
  • Therefore, instead of meaning rotting or ruining it means his teaching is incorruptible, pure, and sound.

Discussion Question:

How can we prepare ourselves so we can speak uncorrupt doctrine?


Greek word is sem-nót-ēs.

  • This word was used earlier when describing an older man.
  • Now the word is used to describe how the teaching of Titus’ should be.
  • August – teaching having a formal and impressive quality. Majestic. Reverence. Respect. Grave. Serious.
  • Honorable – teaching that is honest.
  • Venerable – teaching that is valued and respected.

Discussion Questions:

In our presenting the scriptures to others, how can we impress on the hearer the majesty of the truth?

What qualities of the scripture make it venerable?

and a sound message –

A) sound –

  • Greek word is hy-gi-ḗs.
  • This word is where we get our word for hygiene.
  • The word means healthy, well, and true.
  • Many times this word was used in the gospels when others were healed by Jesus.
  • The word seems very similar in meaning to the word for integrity mentioned above, but also implies that the teaching is for the health and healing of the hearer. A healing …

B) message-

  • Greek word is logos.
  • It means words that are said.

that cannot be criticized –

  • The Greek word is ak-at-ág-nōs-tos.
  • The ‘a’ makes the meaning of the remaining word opposite.
  • The word is similar to our English word antagonize, but the ‘a’ means it cannot be antagonized.
  • Since his teaching is incorruptible and pure, honest and serious, and sound and healthy for the hearer, then the words cannot be blamed or condemned.

so that – meaning the result of such teaching is…

any opponent –

  • Greek word is en-antí-os.
  • ‘En’ means ‘in’ and ‘anti’ means before, front, or against.
  • The sense is the person is in front of you or in opposition against you. They are antagonistic.
  • Today we may say they are in your face.
  • Yet, because of incorrupt, serious, and healthful teaching they…

will be at a loss –

  • Greek word is en-trépō.
  • Instead of meaning in-front as above, this means they will invert; they will turn about…

because he has nothing evil to say –

A) nothing –

  • Greek is mē-deís.
  • This word means no one or no thing, in this context means nothing.

B) evil –

  • Greek word is phaû-los.
  • This word means foul, wicked, or bad.

C) say –

  • Greek word is leg-o.
  • The word means to lay forth in words.

about us –

  • Greek word is eg-o.
  • The word means first person I, me, or my.
  • Some translations say, you.
  • Other translations use an older Greek manuscript that uses the Greek word for, us.
  • Just as the good behavior of the young ladies kept others from discrediting God’s message, so the uncorrupt, serious, and healthy teaching of Titus and others that follow his example will keep others from saying bad things about Christians.

Discussion Question:

How has this study changed how you may confront others in the future?

Listening Prayer method – a method where you write what you think God would say to you after meditating and studying a Bible passage.

Do you Encourage Young Men?


Since you have two sons and friends younger than yourself, you have good opportunities to encourage them to be self controlled.  But first, you also have much room to grow in this area. Have self control in lusts, food, anger, in what you say, from being so selfish. 

In your culture, a lack of self control effects young men’s relationship with Me. Their impulsiveness entangles them in sin. They can also entangle themselves into financial problems, poor marriages and relationships, drugs, and dangerous or illegal behaviors. They are angry, sexually immoral, lazy, over-spending, and thrill seeking.

You need to encourage them. Call them near to teach and persuade them to control their impulses. Not only use your words, but be an example of self control while showing good works.

Before you teach and confront them, plan wisely. Have your teaching ready. Make sure it is pure and right. In a serious manner, speak to them formally about the seriousness and gravity of My scriptures. Show them that the teaching is healthy and it is for their own health and wellbeing.

Then they will not be able to oppose you. At this point, you must stay consistent and trust in me that I will work out my purposes in their heart through my Spirit and through providence. I will do this to conform them to the image of My Son and to work everything together for their good.