Nimuel Chhatria – India Missions

Nimuel seated in middle of above picture.

I met Nimuel in 2011 through my online missions volunteering. We have become good friends through our daily correspondence.

Nimuel and his team are doing an incredible work in India. They are literally reaching those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they provide food and clothing to groups of women and children.  They are living a Christian adventure that very few Christians on earth will ever experience. However, Nimuel and his team are not funded by any missions organizations, and the people they serve in remote villages in India cannot provide much support due to poverty. Will you please pray that Nimuel’s ministry will be funded. Also if you wish to give, the best way is through the Western Union App or website.
Name: Nimuel Chhatria
Relationship: Friend
City: Kesinga
State: Orissa
Country: India
After entering in the transaction information, Western Union will send you a MTCN confirmation code. Email this code to Nimuel’s email address newlifemovement330 and Nimuel uses gmail.
Nimuel can pick up your gift in Kesinga at the Western Union desk. This gift is not tax deductible.

Nimuel’s ministry, New Life Movement, is also registered with India’s Ministry of Home Affairs under number 104950098R through the Foreign Contributions Registration Act (FCRA).  You may confirm his ministry under the search terms, New Life Movement, at the following web address:
State:  Orrisa
Disctrict:  Kalahandi
Key Word Search:  New Life Movement

New Life Movement also has a bank account number and an India Tax Exemption Certificate.  Send me an email for that information.  My email is bobgood76 and I use gmail.

Nimuel’s Ministry web address is as follows:

Missions Reports

Below is more information that Nimuel has provided regarding himself, his ministry team, and about Christianity in India.

Nimuel attended PEOPLE’S BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY. He completed his B,Div in 1997.

Ministry was founded in 2006. Independent Baptist ministry

New Life Movement has…..
40 Pastors and Missionaries
One church building
44 house churches in various villages

1. Church planting ministry
2. Door to door visiting and sharing the gospel
3. Extension Bible training program
4. Women’s Bible ministry
5. Children’s ministry among tribal and destitute children.
6. Community Development work among Tribal and rural villages.
Below Nimuel shares more about his ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Pastors and Missionaries have their own congregations. In many of the villages in which they work, they are the only workers for many miles around. At each house church, it’s difficult to arrange the service, especially in heavy rain fall or in summer. Moreover, believers are increased day by day, so it’s not convenient to gather together in a house.

Our pastors are committed to visit door to door with their tracts to share the gospel among non-Christians. India is a home to the largest concentration of unreached people in the world. 83 % of people in India reside in rural villages. NEW LIFE MOVEMENT is focusing on planting churches in these villages to reach the masses.

Our native missionaries are working in different unreached regions of India. We are seeing tremendous growth among the different unreached societies. Our goal is to send out hundreds of church planters to the harvest field. We know India is a most persecuted place, yet our Pastors are trying to proceed among unreached groups by..
1. Arranging bible studies among Hindus people,
2. Preaching the gospel, giving Testimony at every evangelistic meeting,
3. Spiritually counseling with the people,
4. Leading people to The Lord,
5. Arranging gospel meetings in an effort to evangelize and plant new churches,
6. Our missionaries trying to pursue the people to see if the Holy Spirit will convict them,
7. Do follow up work.

Our Missionaries usually work among villages and jungle areas. Some go on foot from door to door with a bag full of tracts and literature. They face difficulties and hardship! This is a strenuous and slow process in terms of reaching the people with hope through the gospel. With the help of bicycle and motor bikes, the missionaries can reach more distant places, and more villages will hear the gospel and the churches grow faster.

NEW LIFE MOVEMENT is a fast growing movement spreading the gospel in India by outreach ministry and door to door sharing the love of God. We are committed to spread the Word of God and to help poor people through community development programs that will help alleviate the suffering of individuals and families who are experiencing extreme poverty on a daily basis.

We need your valuable prayers for the growth of the gospel work in this part of India. We need your gracious hands to meet our needs. Will you be kind enough to give a hand for this ministry? Our missionaries like bicycles and motor bikes to reach into unreached areas. By sponsoring for just $100 you can be a part of our mission. This money will be used for missionary living expenses, their children’s education and their medical needs. A native missionary in India has many advantages. They are a powerful tool in the hand of God to reach their fellow countrymen. Indeed you may not be available to evangelize in India. Yet will you uphold us in your prayers and sending sacrificial gifts for the extension of the gospel work in this part. Mark 11:3 THE LORD NEEDS your kind cooperation for His ministries, God bless you, Nimuel.

Over one billion in population
800 million people live in villages
330 million gods/goddesses
500,000 villages don’t have even 1 christian
3% Christians in India
0.14% Christians in North India
48% of the people are illiterate
46% of the people live below the poverty line
1,652 Languages
One of the least evangelized nations of the world


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  1. Nimuel Chhatria said:

    Thanks for your kind cooperation and great help for the growth of the gospel work in this part of India , God bless you ,Nimuel ,

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